Society App

This app is developed by us to manage society and to buy, sell & rent the properties. Using this app one can add society by filling a simple form. Once the society account gets approved, the admin will get a confirmation mail on his/her mail id after which he/she can log in and start using the account by adding society information and inviting members to join the society.

Free Features;

  • Adding Society Information (in Info tab) – The very first step after adding the society is to add information of the society in the info tab which only admin can edit if required and no one else.
  • Inviting Members – Admin by clicking on the plus (+) button which is in the members tab on the right side top corner can invite people to join the society and become a member. People can also sign up in the society account and become a member without invitation and even existing members can invite other people the same way as admin does. Only those members accounts which get approved by admin can log in into the account.
  • Sharing News – Admin can share normal and important news with members and members can also share news after the approval from the admin. Adding New Property Details – In edit profile tab and and members can add their owned and rented property details.

Paid features;

  • Adding Property to Rent or Sale – Admin and members can add their property to rent or to sale by adding proper details of the property like rent per month, sale price, furnished or not, other amenities available etc. These property details are shown in the info tab which will be visible to all the members so that if anyone is interested in buying or taking on rent any particular property, then he/she can contact the owner easily.
  • Multiple Owners – One property can have multiple owners and if that particular property is added for rent or sale by one owner then other owner/owners can also see those details in his/her account. 
  • Multiple Properties – One member can have more than one property, So he/she can attach all those properties with his/her account and add them for rent or sale.
  • Service Provider – Service provider can register into this app and find nearby societies to give their services after the approval from society admin. These service providers details are shown in all society members account which will help both service providers to get more customers and members to find various service providers around their society easily and quickly.

– Services Discontinued.

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