Move AWS EC2 instance to a different availability region

Let’s say you setup one server in one AWS region,  moving that AWS EC2 instance to another region may result in a headache, who don’t know copying AMI instead of creating new instance and setup server, deploy code again. All I mean manually copying not required.

Let’s change region of AWS EC2 –

Step1: Create an AMI of existing EC2 instance.

Step2: Copy that newly created AMI in the desired region.

Step3: Change AWS region in the AWS console and check AMI menu, and launch copied AMI, select options in next steps for a new instance.

Step 4: Cleanup AMI, snapshots in both regions which are not required after launching instances.

Note – In case of you are running web application, after changing region, let say you changed production server to work it on domain, update IP DNS records.

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