install redis server on CentOS 7

While implementation,( server clusters case ), simple socket server will not work and you need to use socket with redis server. So how to install redis on centos os, follow steps below. *Sudo user required. yum install redis // install redis server systemctl start redis.service // start redis server systemctl status redis.service // check server status redis-cli … Continued

OS X El Capitan Virtual host setup

Sometimes we setup dev environment on locally and use ‘virtual host’, check steps below for OS X El Capitan virtual host setup. Prerequisites: working Apache server OS X El capitan Virtual host setup steps- Go to terminal login to root user if you are not root, Step 1 : Like ubuntu, we need to add domain … Continued

External hard drive file system

Lot’s of time, we confused with external hard drive file system selection, so decided to write this post for myself options available are as below: External hard drive file system Compatibility : Windows Ubuntu Mac NTFS Y Y Y -( Read-only ) to write need third party plugins like ntfs-3g FAT32 (4gb file size limit)  Y  Y … Continued